Why Diversity Is The Key To Digital Marketing Success

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We know that finding a digital marketing method that works for your brand and connects you to your target market is a huge relief — not to mention an enormous opportunity.

Once you find a strategy that gives you the kinds of results you want, it can be tempting to focus all your efforts and energy there.

However, putting all your advertising eggs in one basket isn't the way to achieve marketing success — especially not in the long run.

In this post, we're telling you why it's so important to diversify your digital marketing strategy.

1. You'll Reach More People

Of course, getting more eyes on your content helps to promote marketing success.

However, it's not just a numbers game.

Diversifying your digital marketing strategy also ensures that you'll reach different types of consumers. You'll likely end up connecting with markets you didn't even know you had.

Some of your target market might prefer social media, while others gravitate towards blog posts.

Others might be more inclined to subscribe to a monthly e-newsletter.

Still, more may find your website because of a link you left in the comments section of a popular website.

If you're only reaching out to a single section of your target market, you're missing out.

Instead, diversify your digital marketing strategy to reach them wherever they prefer to spend time online — and grow your overall audience in the process.

2. You'll Stay Relevant

Remember when MySpace, Vine, and even Friendster were all the rage online?

Imagine what happened to those companies who invested all their time (and marketing budget!) into a single channel.

They're probably not around anymore. And even if they are, it's likely they were forced to undergo a costly digital marketing makeover.

Diversifying your digital marketing strategy ensures that you don't become dependent on a single platform to generate your leads. You know that the Internet is a fickle, fast-moving place. What's popular today could be completely irrelevant in a month's time.

While you may find a certain platform of strategy that works especially well for you, if it eventually goes under you won't be left high and dry if you diversify.

3. You'll Increase Your Brand Recognition

Brand building is an enormously important part of ensuring marketing success.

Stop for a minute and think of 5 of the biggest brands you know.

Chances are, these are popular, long-standing brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Nike.

How do you think these brands became some of the most recognizable ones on the planet? By diversifying their marketing strategy.

Sure, they may have started with billboards, television commercials, and print ads. But when new, digital marketing opportunities came along, they got onboard immediately.

They signed up for social media accounts, interacted with their followers, promoted their products online, created ads that played before YouTube videos…the list goes on.

In doing so, these brands ensured that their names would be known by the next generation.

If they'd just stuck to their old advertising methods, they likely would have either eventually failed or seen business significantly drop off.

If you want to get the same brand recognition as these powerhouses, you need to diversify. The more people see your logo, your motto, and your products, the more they'll recognize you.

Eventually, you'll become the authority in your industry.

To that end, remember that consistency is a key part of digital marketing success. Ensure that your contact information is clearly displayed on not just every internal page of your website, but also on your social media accounts.

If you make any changes, such as switching up the color of your logo or moving your office, you need to update all your accounts immediately.

Because things move so fast in the digital world and get shared so widely, even a small mishap like an incorrect digit in a phone number can cost you thousands of potential customers.

4. You'll Have More Data To Analyze

We all want to know more about our target markets. Understanding what our dream customer does online is an incredibly important part of digital marketing success.

However, if you're only analyzing your market's data from a single source (let's say Twitter, for example) you're not really getting an accurate description of how your market behaves online.

You're also only working with a fraction of the data that you could have if you'd diversified your digital marketing efforts.

Instead, why not paint a more complete picture of your target market?

Spreading your digital marketing efforts across several channels and platforms means that not only will you get more insight into customers. It will also help you to clearly measure what's working for you and what's not.

For example, let's say you launched a new event campaign. With a diversified digital marketing strategy, you'll be able to see both the long and short-term success of your campaign.

You'll also be able to see which demographic in particular of your target market is the most interested in that specific event.

You can even target which specific keywords they were the most drawn towards, and which posts on social media or your website's blog were the most successful.

This will help you to create more effective, hyper-targeted campaigns for the future.

Looking For More Tips On Digital Marketing Success?

Now that you know why diversifying your digital marketing strategy is so important, you're probably wondering what other areas of your website and marketing plan need improvement.

However, with everything you have to do in a day, you probably don't have time to stay on top of the latest SEO, social media, and blogging trends.

That's where we come in.

Don't make your digital marketing strategy something you do “whenever you have time.” Instead, work with someone that makes it the priority that it is — and who wants to get you better traffic, higher search engine rankings, and more followers.

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