Why Aren’t You Implementing Your Marketing Plans Yet?

Marketing plans must be simple and quick to put into place!

Are you as guilty as I am?  Playing catch up for most of the year and more responsive to changes versus proactive by planning.  Most of the small businesses I work with experience ups and downs; bumps or challenges that can derail them.

But NOW is a good time to change that approach.

Let's make your marketing plans for this year a little simpler.  Make the plan a little more geared for the small business owner with limited resources.

And while we are at it let's make that marketing plan a Business to Human (B2H) marketing strategy!  Forget the Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing approach.  Let's make this the year that we focus on communicating like we are talking to other humans (B2H).

The new SIMPLE B2H marketing plan!  Tweet: The new SIMPLE 2015 B2H marketing plan! @seegerN

1)     Pick one goal for the next 90 days that will make a big difference in your business – just one: content for blogs, conversion to sales, a new website or a set % increase in lead generation.
2)     Map out the 3 steps that will make this possible.  There could be more than 3, but pick 3 that will make or break the project.
3)     Decide if you have the skill sets to do that well, or do you need to hire someone.  We can all do anything if we want to bad enough. But what are those things that someone else can do faster, better, cheaper than what it would cost you to complete?
4)     Research the concept. You already have this as a project because you know that it will make a big difference to your business.  So now research how others perceive this problem – what words do they use, what problems it solves.  This is the human side of the B2H.  Know how to talk to the human side of your customers.
5)     Start on it already – you only have 90 days to complete it!
6)     Each week pick three things that will move you closer to one of the major steps that you listed in step 2.  Focus on those three things until completed.  Schedule them into your work day. Schedule them first thing every day; before email; before coffee even.  Okay maybe not coffee!  Just make sure that you work on them every day.
7)     Celebrate your milestones.  Celebrate the successes every week.  Tell someone how great it is to complete things that are getting you closer to your goal.
8)     Once you have completed that Major goal from step 1 – Celebrate again!  Then go back to step 1 and pick a new goal to work with another project that will make a big difference to your business.

CAUTION:  Don't start on a new project until the first one is complete!  Starting on another project increases the likelihood of not completing any of the projects you are working on.  A lot of unfinished projects can lead to feeling overwhelmed.

Don't get distracted.  Things will come up, but it is important that you get back to the goal every day!
But in real life, things happen.  If you get derailed, just go back to step 6 and start working at it again.

Completing each project ensures that it can return results to your business.

On your next project – shoot to complete it in 60 days and see how much you can do with a singular focus on each project.

Businesses either grow or die every day.  So pick projects that will grow your business and add more revenue every 90 days!
I’d love to hear your results – share them with me in the comments below or join us on Facebook.

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