Learn About The Number One Campaign Toolkit for Marketers

60+ Tools to Help You Increase Sales, Save Time and Wow Customers

What is PlusThis?

PlusThis is the top campaign toolkit for marketing automation users.
With 60+ tools, and more added monthly, PlusThis powers your marketing automations with add-ons that allow you to send SMS, connect your webinar software to you CRM,  Track the amount of time a contact spends on a video so that you can ensure you are reaching out to the most engaged contacts, Connect your CRM to your Facebook retargeting, AMAZING  scheduling tools that allow you to tweak your automations to deliver when you need it, and so much more.
PlusThis make it easy for you to focus on the strategies you want to use, without having to build up an expensive tech stack  to meet your business metrics.
Money Hole

No more missed opportunities!

Who it's for!

PlusThis is designed for marketing automation users who are looking for the tools they need to launch their ideas and strategies like...

Webinar automation, video tracking and dynamic actions.

More effective Facebook advertising and Retargeting

Customizable date functions that allow you to get MORE out of your automations.

And more...

Examples of campaigns PlusThis can help you launch

Two way SMS: SMS messaging for less than a penny per text.

Webinar Automation: Register, Invite and follow up through your marketing software with your favorite webinar platforms.

Video Triggers & Tagging: Trigger automation based on how long people watch your video.

Facebook Syncing: Show relevant ads to your leads based on where they are in your campaigns.

Event Check-ins: Create a check in system for your next workshop to make a great first impression with your guests.

Appointment Scheduling: Schedule appointments and create meetings easily and automatically.

Email Engagement: Want to know who's engaged with your emails in the last 30, 60, 90 days or more? Improve your deliverability with this helpful strategy.

What you'll get with your free trial of PlusThis through Seeger Consulting Inc.

Keap Automation campaigns: Because the value of any tool is the automations that make your life easier - get our 3 top email list cleanup and engagement campaigns included after your first payment is made.

Access to Dozens of Tools: And the ability to select a plan based on your company needs.  Don't need all of them, pick a smaller plan.

Bundling options and a variety of pricing: PlusThis has a variety of pricing, but if you choose to bundle PlusThis with Keap we can offer even a better discount..

 1 on 1 Kickoff Call: A strategy call to learn more about your business, what strategies you're working on or would like to launch. And come up with next steps.  

Free Campaigns: PlusThis has a library of campaigns we've created for a number of our customers. We'll be happy to share any that make sense for your business.

Launch Call: PlusThis will get you launched with one of our launch coaches meaning, we'll get PlusThis set up, we'll guide you through a campaign that implements your strategy and be a resource for you through the entire process.

No Risk Guarantee: After you start your free 30-day trial we'll get you up and running quickly so you can start seeing results ASAP. If you decide PlusThis isn't for you by the end of your trial, feel free to cancel.

Frequently Asked Questions