What I Learned at the “Ultimate Sales Boot Camp”

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Business Growth abounds at the “Ultimate Sales Boot Camp”

Sales and business development are a constant area of growth and new learning for me. I am an event junkie. I love events: the energy, the community, the sense of wonder at growing together. I love the immersive experiences. Some events are so masterfully planned, that they optimize every step of the experience.

I recently attended Lisa Sasevich’s “Ultimate Sales Bootcamp”. Lisa is a master at selling from the stage. And this event was masterfully put together, by the Queen of Sales conversion.

Some Key Points:

The selected resort was the perfect fit for her audience. And a perfect fit for the level of commitment she was asking them to make.

  • It was unique enough to grab attention
  • Priced at the high end of the attendees range, so they had to stretch.
  • It implied value but did not offer distractions.
  • It provided an ‘environment’ that was great for creating community. They even called the new program participants “Sassys”

Lisa and her team were fantastic about the event details and providing great value. They were also masterful about the timing and delivery of the information. Only giving you enough information to entice you to learn more. But keeping you totally interested. Interspersing changes to the delivery based on energy flow. Interspersing changes in topics to keep you coming back to the next session.

And though the event was fantastic; the new clients are likely having doubts and fears today. Which is also just a part of the experience! The experience of making a big commitment.

Because that is really what these events are all about; preparing you to make a big commitment.

  • A commitment to yourself
  • A commitment to your business
  • A commitment to stretch yourself
  • A commitment to be more
  • A commitment to grow in whatever way necessary to get to the dream. And those that take action will get to that dream.

I have attended several similar events over the years. Each event with its own merits. But this event impressed me with all the tools, trainers and information provided. Anyone with this many resources is going to make great things happen! IF they use them well.

This event was aptly named “Ultimate Sales Bootcamp”. Lisa and her team are the masters of Sales. And everything around the event focused on the sale – without being salesy. Lisa is known for her invisible close program that teaches you how to sell without being salesy. She totally demonstrated the process and value of this at the event. If there were any doubts about her sales ability you would only have to look at the amount of sales made in this 3-day event.

Lisa is not the only one doing this type of event with Sales Mastery. I have experienced similar mastery at Suzanne Evans and David Neagle events. But I do think that Lisa’s event showed a clarity of the goal that I have not seen before. There was a purposeful flow to every step. Every part of the experience was planned out and executed by a team with lots of experience.

What were my biggest takeaways?

  • Clarity, clarity, clarity. Knowing the goal is step one. But identifying every step in the process is critical. Then applying clarity to each and every one of those steps will guarantee success.
  • Know your audience. Never have I seen such specific actions, words, and processes for that particular audience. They seeded the presentations exceptionally well for 80-90% of the room. And that clarity of messaging left little room for including the rest of the room. BUT the 80/20 rule was applied to these decisions. They were really clear on the audience. They stayed true to targeting that audience. And the result is a major conversion in sales. Now, I am looking forward in the next few days or weeks. I want to see what she has planned to follow up with those that did not sign up for any program at the event. It will be interesting I'm sure.
  • Have options in the room. There were options for those not yet ready for the big leap to her major program. She offered perfectly timed and spaced options for joining her community in a variety of ways. Always with an eye to the clarity or messaging, she probably sold over 90% of the room at least one of her products. That is a huge conversion.
  • Offer huge value. Of all the people I spoke to that attended this event, there was not one complaint about the value of the event. Furthering this assessment was the fact that the event numbers did not change. Usually, there is a huge decrease after the initial offer is made. Most events do a great job of hiding the number of attendees that leave over of the weekend. Because there is always a percentage drop off. I have even seen big name events that had lost at least 30% by day three. That is hard to hide. But the drop-off was barely noticeable at this event. This speaks to the value of the presentations. It also speaks to the way the information was being presented. Because even with the right crowd in the room, you still need to keep them in the seats.
    • Make it memorable. Not just the in the materials, but in the little things. In the quotes that people share on social media
    • In the handouts that you send home with them
    • In the pictures that you take at the event, after the event, with the speakers, with the signs
    • In the video testimonials, you ask for. Don't just let them muddle along. Coach them on how to be on video. Film it professionally. And then only post the best representations of each other.
    • Create memories with them like they are your best friend.
  • BREATHE – events are moving dynamic things that take on a life of their own if done well. Let them breathe, grow, morph as the days go on. There are great insights from a crowd of your ideal clients in a group. The larger the group, the more insights available. But you can only use them if you have the right support system to pick up on the energy and the changes. Be fluid enough within your event structure to allow for subtle changes. It will enhance the experience for everyone. Because even if you plan everything perfect in advance; the real magic happens once people arrive. So just BREATHE.
  • Close out the event strong. Close with the strongest value point to your clients. If your clients value community, then do something to builds that community at the end. If they value celebration, then this is a perfect time. But always with an eye to the next goal. The next touch point. Business is a journey. Be a Leader and take them to the next touch point without delay.
  • But most important of all is KISS – Keep it Simple Sweetheart. Once you have the clarity – how can you make that simple? Even though I have marketed for years, the simplicity and structure t I saw at this event was eye-opening.
  • For me, this alone was worth the investment. How to simplify some of my own business, processes, steps, and value that I add.

Did I buy a package from Lisa – Yes!

Will I go back to Lisa’s events? It depends on the event.

Did I learn lots? Definitely – I got to see a few things quite differently. With the added insights, I can re-evaluate many of the items that I have learned, but struggled to master. So the learning was far more valuable than the cost to attend.

So, when was the last time you got out from behind your computer, invested in yourself and went to watch a master? Take some time and book one now. There are great mentors to learn from. When you do experience a master, come here to share the link to the article you wrote about your learning. I would love to gain the insights from each of you.