Keap Pricing


$79/month if paid Monthly
$49/month if paid Annually

For solopreneurs and new businesses-core CRM, automation, and email tools to get organized, automate follow-up, and close more deals.

500 Contacts and 1 user

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$129/month if paid Monthly
$99/month if paid Annually

For growing businesses — create automated, repeatable sales processes and marketing campaigns to save time and increase sales.

2500 Contacts and 2 users (Special options for Seeger Consulting Clients)

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$229/month if Paid Monthly
$199/month if paid Annually

For established businesses and teams—use our CRM, secure payment platforms, ecommerce, and advanced automation to optimize your sales pipeline and grow your online revenue.

5000 Contacts and 3 users  (Special options for Seeger Consulting Clients)

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Max Classic
For advanced ecommerce, Affiliate Marketing and sales team needs

If you require more users, or contacts we are happy to create a custom quote for you.

All Plans Include


Sales and Marketing Automation

Email Marketing


Lead Capture

Mobile App

Unlimited Emails

Data Migration Support

Top Rated Support




Collect and organize leads

Contact management

House all your client activity, data, and communications in one easily accessible place

Contact segmentation (tags)

Use tags to prioritize your hottest leads, create custom lists, trigger personalized messages, and close more deals

Contact lists, filters, and saved searches

Create custom lists within your contacts, filter your contacts easily, and send the right messages to the right contacts.


Automate your sales and marketing processes and trigger tasks for you and your team based on lead and customer actions.


Capture leads, collect essential information, and trigger automations when forms are completed

B2B management

Save time by categorizing companies and related contacts

Landing pages

Build custom landing pages with an easy drag and drop builder, capture more leads with built in forms, and trigger automation on form submissions

Lead scoring

Prioritize your hottest leads and trigger automation based on likelihood to buy

Convert leads


Be first in line every time with personalized instant quotes

Appointments (tags)

Send an online link that lets leads book available time on your calendar. Integrates with your Outlook and Google calendars.

Sales Pipeline

Easily track and manage leads as they move through the funnel

Follow up and create fans

Mobile app*

Have ready access to contacts, appointments, tasks, and communications on the go and sync to your CRM. Send appointment links and invoices right from the app.

Text messages and business line**

Convert more leads and control the chaos with a dedicated business line and text messaging, including customizable templates for fast response.

Email marketing

Use beautiful, modern email templates to Improve engagement and email open rates


Boost engagement and build customer loyalty with business updates and promotions

Email sync (Gmail, Outlook)

Smoothly sync your data and emails between Keap and Gmail/Outlook

A/B email testing

Increase conversion with better open rates with built in A/B and split testing

Automated text messaging***

Send automated, personal text messages that save time and get read


Get paid


Send one time or recurring invoices that sync with your payment and accounting tools

One-time payments

Get paid quickly and easily with premium processors such as PayPal, Venmo, and Stripe

Recurring payments

Get paid on time every time with recurring payments, customized to your unique selling mode

Subscription management

Sell subscriptions to your customers that require recurring payments

Checkout forms

Sell online with customizable check out forms that trigger automations and sync to your CRM


Sales funnels

Create and connect multiple landing pages that convert more leads through your sales process

Fall 2021

One-click upsell and cross-sell

Create new opportunities and maximize order value by offering additional items at checkout


Promo codes

Drive conversion with the ability to apply custom promotions at checkout and track sales through channels


Shopify integration

Syncs all your customer data and orders and triggers automations when orders are placed with Shopify

Sept, 2021

Automate sales & marketing

Easy Automations

Use Keap’s intuitive “when/then” builder to set up complex automations in 3 minutes.

limit 5 automations
unlimited automations
unlimited automations


Send automatic reminders and notifications so nothing falls through the cracks

Internal forms

Automate your team’s internal processes with custom forms that make data collection easier.

API (Integrations)

Connect all your tools so they sync with your CRM and automations


Advanced automations

Use the most advanced builder in the industry to automate any sales and marketing process you can dream of.

Pipeline automations

Convert more leads by triggering follow up and tasks automatically as leads move through the funnel

Get insights and have control


Grow your business with comparative data that shows ROI and areas of improvement


Maximize ROI on your campaigns and pinpoint new opportunities with a customizable and interactive analytics dashboard.

Default user roles

Easily add a user or a Partner, select desired access, and assign administrative roles to team members

Customizable dashboard

Personalize your dashboard to see relevant information and deliver vital data to your team

*Keap Mobile App in US, Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand

**Text messages and phone line available for users in the US and Canada

***Automated text messages and text broadcasts only available in the US. Additional text messages cost $0.04/marketable message after exceeding free monthly messages

We don’t believe one size fits all.

If your business has unique needs or questions about custom coaching options, please contact sales for assistance at: 

+1 877-220-0719 |

Expert coaching

As part of Seeger Consulting’s onboarding service we’ll get you set up to win quick with one-on-one coaching, and an online portal with real world use case training.  You and your coach will work to get you up and running immediately and design a custom plan to collect more leads, convert more clients and create a motivated fan base in less time.

Bonus: Keap also supplies daily training webinars, an amazing amount of online help, free training and actual humans on their customer support desk.

"As a Keap Ignition Partner, Seeger Consulting is in a class of it's own."

- There are currently only 48 Ignition Partners in the world, 2022.

"You guys have a winning formula."

- Alan, Keap user

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Clarify your growth goals

Work with our sales and marketing automation coaches to define goals for your specific business’s growth.

exclusive_training_session icon

Create your plan of action

With your coaches guidance you will execute the top 3 simple actions that will help quickly achieve your  measurable business goals.  

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Drive long term growth.

Perfect your long term growth strategy with your custom sales and marketing playbook, built from the learnings of hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Keap Marketing Automation Software is Ranked #1 for ease of use

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Keap crm-award
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2021_medal Keap-G2

Keap Software is Rated 4.2 out of 5 based on 1247 reviews on G2

Terrific, It's helped me organize to a large extent

organizational features for prospects and...

Kevin Tamlyn

Oct 09, 2021

Incredible... nothing less than incredible!

What i like best about KEAP is... EVERYTHING!!! Like, I love that I can text AND email in the...

Rich DeForest

Oct 04, 2021

Embrace all the tools at your use. I love this system.

Landing pages, broadcasting and activity metric...

Jeremy Fraley

Oct 04, 2021

With Keap I can focus on what matters and have the rest automated

Keap is at it best for their automation. I love how easy it is to setup weekly reminders for...

Krista Bakker

Oct 01, 2021

Frequently asked questions


What is a contact?   A contact is a single person recorded in your account. Keap lets you store critical information like your contact’s phone number, email, address, as well as meeting histories, payments, invoices, conversations, emails, and notes. You’ll be able to make every customer feel like an important individual, because that’s what they are.

How much does it cost to add more contacts?   Additional contacts can be added to any package and pricing starts as low as $24/month  (paid annually) for 1000 contacts.

Additional Contacts
Monthly Cost



What counts as a user?  A user is someone who has authority to access the Keap software via their own username and password. Additional users can be purchased for only $30/month.

Expert Coaching

What is expert coaching? You and your coach will identify gaps and opportunities in your business and execute 3 plays to achieve your specific goals. When complete, you will receive an expert sales and marketing playbook to fuel your long term growth strategy.

Why do I need onboarding services?

To ensure all Keap users are set up for growth and success right from the start, we have made enrollment in the expert coaching program a pre-requisite. The program is only a one-time payment of $499 and then you will begin your hands on personal support session to achieve your 3 specific business goals in only 60 days.

Free Trial

Is free trial experience limited or locked down in any way?  No. When using Keap's free trial, you’ll have access to every feature, allowing you to explore the full functionality of your chosen package. This 14-day free trial doesn’t require a credit card.

Email Sending

Is there a limit or charge for the number of emails I send each month? NO - Keap plans are all unlimited emails.   Stay in contact without the hassles of limitations.


Can I cancel at any time?  CURRENTLY we request at least 10 days prior to the next invoice date to cancel.  This is to provide you with time for transition to a new platform.  Trust me when I say that this takes a few days for you to be successful and our goal is to protect what you have created.

Are there separate fees for client billing and payments? Centralized billing can also be handled by Keap as an all-in-one payment and invoicing tool. Because the payment feature is already built into the app, business owners just need to connect their bank accounts and we support most major merchant accounts, like Stripe and PayPal.


What type of support is do you provide?  Keap offers the best in class online and call-in support from a hand picked team.  There is a library of Keap produced, how-to videos, 24-7 live chat, online help resources, and Seeger Consultings real world training and video library for your support.


Is Keap secure?  Absolutely. Keap has developed stringent information security risk management policies to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.


What happened to Infusionsoft?  Keap has officially changed the company name from Infusionsoft to Keap in January 2019.

How can I purchase Infusionsoft?  You can get started with Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft) by reaching out to your sales representative who can’t wait to help you grow your business.   to get started.