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Nancy Seeger

Marketing Consultant

As the founder of Seeger Consulting Inc., Nancy is a no nonsense, creative, Infusionsoft specialist that hustles for results for her clients. Untangling Infusionsoft takes commitment and we have taken many applications from stalled to successful in record time.   She has a team of 5 experts that support Infusionsoft integrations into WordPress, LeadPages, Gravity forms, Clickfunnels, Fix your Funnel, IDX, Parsey, Zapier, Shopify, Revenue Conduit and many others.

We have been working in Infusionsoft since 2011.

We are Certified Partners of, Infusionsoft (now Keap), Constant Contact, Hubspot, Digital Marketer, Hootsuite, Unbounce, Evernote and many more.

We have been running the Calgary Infusionsoft User group since 2014.

We Work in the applications with clients every day!.

From our website we provide 3 different options to help business get on track:

  1. Done for you. Set it up right and you will make money right from the start! We go into your application and make sure you have the setup and your most important campaigns.
  2. Done with you. Using it but not sure where the landmines are? Just need a weekly call to figure out how to move through the landmines. This is the option for you. In the weekly call you can ask any questions you want about the application and integrations that you have.
  3. Done by YOU. This is coaching that allows you or your team to get the best advice to solve one problem or many. This is great if you have a full function application and just need to brainstorm, or ask questions about specific areas of the application.

Connect with us to see what a powerful system can make to your business.

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Keap certified partner
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Team Members

Andy Seeger, Andy Seeger, P.Eng
Andy Seeger, Andy Seeger, P.Eng

Andy, P.Eng.

Lucas Seeger
Lucas Seeger

Lucas, Web Developer

Trevor Seeger MSc, BHSc
Trevor Seeger MSc, BHSc

Trevor, MSc, BHSc, Data Scientist